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Internet Anywhere have more than 40 years experience and have travelled the length and breadth of the country installing satellite broadband in premises who otherwise cannot get it.

We aim to provide fast, reliable and affordable broadband to virtually any location using a Ka-Sat Satellite, our engineers can ping the internet from point to point in order to reach even the most remote locations. This makes the Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband Service one of the best remote internet solutions on the market.

Our broadband packages are easy to install, require virtually no groundwork and are environmentally friendly.

BDUK Incentive

The BroadBand Delivery UK Incentive is a government initiative set up to provide all residents in the UK with fast, reliable broadband. As an official partner of the Government's Basic Broadband for All Scheme, we aim to help achieve this goal.

With the BDUK Incentive, you could receive up to £350 towards the cost of your hardware and installation*. For more information or to apply for your DBUK voucher click here

*Subject to application and approval.

Commercial Onsite Communications

Internet Anywhere doesn't just provide broadband solutions, we also provide whole onsite communication solutions for commercial buildings and construction sites. Our communications systems can mean the difference between a pass and a fail on your onsite health and safety inspection, which, in turn, can mean the difference between your site being operational and your site being deemed unsafe to operate. An Internet Anywhere Onsite Communications package can provide you with your general onsite comms such as two-way radios. However, we can also offer so much more, such as VOIP, Virtual Private Networks, Wi-Fi and CCTV.

The Internet Anywhere Onsite Communications systems are ideal for communicating across large construction sites, outdoor event and large remote factories.

We can also provide sites with the Armadillo Videoguard360 armoured, visually verifies, wireless intruder detection unit. This state of the art piece of equipment is ACPO CPU 'Secured by Design' Police accredited product and features all-around movement detection.

For more information on the Armadillo Videoguard360, please click here, or for more information on any of the Internet Anywhere products or packages, call 0800 668 1288

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

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