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With over 40 years experience in the online and telecommunication sector, Internet Anywhere have exactly what it takes to provide the perfect solution to your connectivity problem.

We aim to provide fast, reliable and affordable communications solutions for both residential and commercial situations. Our systems are environmentally friendly and requires next to no groundwork, meaning installation can be completed with minimum disruption.

Live in an area that has an unreliable, slow or severely disrupted internet connection?

In partnership with the BDUK government incentive, Internet Anywhere could help you! The BDUK scheme aims to provide both residential and commercial premises owners with up to £350 towards the cost of installation.

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Satellite Internet Broadband

Live in a rural area with poor internet connection? Own a hotel in the country that is receiving bad reviews because of it’s poor or non-existent wi-fi connection?

Internet Anywhere can help! We can provide both residential and commercial premises with high-speed, reliable satellite internet broadband to help keep you (or your customers) connected.

Click here to find out more about our satellite internet broadband packages for residential premises, or here for information on our commercial broadband and whole onsite communication packages.

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Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband
Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Hillhouse Quarry

"The satellite broadband technology not only allows us to computerize every stage of a job, but also allows us to refine logistics. I can track online the progress of each job, which aggregates are in each bin on each site, and then rationalize the turnaround of bins and lorries to ensure maximize efficiency. I can also see in advance when there are opportunities to move the mobile batching plant around our sites to support a busy job."

Alex Dunsmuir,
Concrete Manager

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband


“This was one of the most hard-to-reach locations that we’ve been to, for sure. It’s not accessible by road, so we had a long drive to the port where a special barge took our kit across the water. A drive 2000ft up the side of a mountain and a two-hour induction course later, we were ready to set up the system. We installed two dishes and within a few hours, out in the middle of nowhere, this site had fast, reliable broadband.”

John Fitzgerald,
Internet Anywhere

Internet Anywhere Satellite Broadband

Channel 4’s Eden

For 9 months, we worked with Keo Films helping them set up their Channel 4 reality series, Eden. This was an exciting and challenging project and we are very proud to have been a part of it. Our connectivity solutions allowed filming to be sent back to the production team to be edited and then shown on Channel 4.

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